Uplifting Songs – Set Yourself Free will Lift You High as A Kite

Cloudy day? Not feeling so hot? Things not going your way? Welcome to humanity! Question is: What do you do? Grab a donut, the TV clicker or a bag of Doritos? Of course, when challenges arise most people will seek the path of least resistance, but there is a solution that’s not so harmful along the path of least resistance and it’s called music.

Music can change your mood and a matter of seconds; even quicker than food or TV. And according to studies, music has more influence on people than all other forms of media including television, film and video games.

If you’re looking for inspiring music it takes a little bit more investigation than just turning on the radio or listening to the recommendations on Spotify or Pandora. When you listen to a song, you’re not only hearing the music and its cords, melodies, and rhythms, you’re also listening to the life condition of the Creator.

So for instance, if the artist was miserable and abused as a child and they wrote about how much they hated their father and how dejected they were as child, then the chances are you’re going to feel these negative emotions, which are actually not cathartic; there’s no relieving your own pain from listening to someone else’s pain. This is been proven scientifically by taking nursery rhymes and putting violent lyrics in the nursery rhymes, which then led to angry behavior from the people that listen to the music.

So if you’re looking for inspirational uplifting music that lifts you up, check out the artist bio and what they have been through. What do they stand for? Are they here to lift you up or are there reasons purely selfish.

To listen to a great example of an uplifting song check out set yourself free below. This song was created purely out of my intent to release people from their struggles and their frustrations. Of course, my inspiration was my own life and struggling through some challenges to overcome fears, which most people struggle with, like performing in front of the public and speaking in front of strangers and living a life that included a lot of financial risk and instability.

If you liked this song just click here to get it free. The bonus is that this music will actually condition your mind to take action more freely and let go of some of your fears. Enjoy!