Was It A Great White Shark or A Dolphin?

Lately I’ve been thirsting for vacation like a gypsy crossing the Sahara desert in search of water.  It is summer and everyone goes somewhere during summer, but I’m in hot pursuit of funding for my business and can’t afford to take off for a week.  Fortunately I live in paradise and I realized the other day that I could take a little vacation every freaking day just by driving 2 minutes to Scripps Pier or Blacks Beach and chill out in the warm clean ocean water with nothing but my surfboard below me.

Shark or Dophin?

So I’ve been hitting the water and its been crystal clear like the Carri bean or Hawaii.  You can see everything that swims below you, like fish and the motion of your own shadow.  It was at that moment that I thought, geez if something big swims by I’ll know it because I can see its shadow.  Literally within 3 seconds a big black and white creature about 7 feet in length darted by my right big toe.  It caught me off guard so I had to catch my breath for a second and process what the hell it was.

After I looked up I realized that there was a wave that had passed simultaneously and that creature was surfing the wave, which of course was a porpoise thankfully.  Why is it that sharks don’t surf waves like dolphins and porpoises?  They aren’t FUN like dolphins and porpoises, they’re kind of like the grumpy old homeless dude always looking for scraps, while a dolphin is the little kid who just discovered the teeter totter.

Are you a Shark or a Dolphin

Are you a Shark or a Dolphin?  Please feel free to comment below.

surfs up –  Chad