We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky – Wild & Wooly Acoustic Version

I recently came across a cover song I did on Daft punk get lucky. It reminded me of the hundreds of hours I spent filming and editing this complex labyrinth of guitars and arrangements. I’m actually really proud of the work so I decided to have it remastered and re-released the video with the accompanying song.

This is one of the alternate feel-good songs, which ironically was written by a bunch of guys who were over 40 years old. It’s got that old school feel of soul and that new school vibe and instrumentation, which is why it garnered two Grammys. My version while I stuck to the same format of the song as a completely different arrangement and only introduces a keyboard at the very end of the song. Contrasting this with the original you’ll find all kinds of keyboards and synthesized voices. I wanted to keep my version more organic and feature the acoustic guitar and all its glory.

In the end, the song elicits lots of good vibrations and has garnered loads of praise from both the public and the critics at large. While my voice is not designed to seeing what Pharrell Williams sings (he’s a tenor and I’m a baritone) I can manage to squeeze out a High note on my good days. But if I’m sick or feeling not too great my voice stepped down a notch to base from baritone. But of course there is an opportunity in all challenges, right? Whatever is happening with my voice I’ve managed to figure out how to take advantage of the situation. people loved Barry White and Jim Morrison not because they saying really high, but because they sang really low. Do you notice a more grounded vibration when you’re listening to a baritone singer?

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know if you think this is the best get lucky acoustic cover. And if you have any recommendations for new covers please let me know.