Why Do I Get Sick – The Surprising Reason

Why is it that every year right after the holidays everyone gets sick?  Or for that matter why does anyone get sick at all?   Do germs, bacteria and viruses just randomly appear, are they transmitted from someone else or are they always lurking, waiting for the right circumstances to unleash hell on your happy life?  Chances are the answer might surprise you.

Turns out studies have identified that bacteria do appear out of nowhere, but they need the right conditions.  Tony Robbins uses the example of the city of New York, where in the past, sanitation workers went on strike, only to see a rat infestation that was reminiscent of the bubonic plague.  In this example, the workers represent our immune system, which goes on strike when it just can’t handle the overwhelming stress from shopping and travel, over consumption of food and alcohol and harsh weather.  The rats of course represent the illness that arises from such an occasion.

But unlike the rat scenario, what researchers are finding out is that bacteria and viruses can actually manifest out of nowhere unlike the rats that are probably just chilling in the sewer and dark garages waiting for you to fall apart.  Yes, with enough “Stress” a red blood cell  has been shown to morph into a bacteria and vice versa and its even got a name, its called Pleomorphism.

The code word here though is “Stress,” which in turn creates acid and acid wreaks havoc on your body creating a breeding ground for pathogens and fat storage.  To get a visual image of what is happening, think about a healthy blood cell which has a negative charge on the outside in order to repel other blood cells and keep the blood moving, but when there is too much acid the negative charge is reduced or even eliminated bringing the flow of blood to a screeching halt.  Think about it as sludge, this then translates into how you feel, sluggish.  Its estimated that 90% of the time we get sick acid from an abundance of mental stress will be the culprit of our illness.  So essentially the greater question becomes: “What causes stress and how can it be minimized?”

1) Your Mind
Just like 90% of all illness comes from stress, roughly 90% of stress comes from the mind and a lot of our stress comes from tragedies we make up in our heads.  Have you ever wanted something with all your heart then one little pebble throws you off course and wham you feel like the apocalypse of the world is about to happen.  For instance, a love interest you’re infatuated with doesn’t call you back or a job doesn’t go well and all you can think about is gloom and doom.  Meanwhile for many reasons, your mind can’t let go of the Apocalypse scenario, you can’t sleep, you can’t focus on your work and as a result of all this stress YOU’VE CREATED, the rats invade, you get SICK and thrown under the buss for  the next two weeks.

Of course this is just one of a million scenarios how we manifest stress.  Unfortunately the way our human brain works, if left untrained, it will naturally gravitate towards disaster before abundance.  Mark Twain once said: “People make up all kinds of stories of dramas and disasters that never even happened.”  Of course many times the very next day after the peak of your worry you may find out that the disaster was an illusion you created, which created a whole lot of needless suffering.

Mental Ninja Solutions
We’ve heard this a million times, but you are what you eat and the same goes for our mind, what comes in goes out.  The mind is like a garden, if we plant negative emotions like fear and anger we grow fearful and angry, but if we plant emotions like abundance and courage we become abundant and courageous.  Here is the most important part of this whole equation, its called re-programming.  Our minds will be influenced and create its beliefs and values from whatever we are exposed to from the media, our friends and family and our daily habits.  So if we don’t actively choose what to be influenced by, we will by default be programmed by someone else and unless your live in mentor is Anthony Robbins its most likely not going to be good.  To re-program your mind into an abundance manufacturing machine I’v listed 3 simple suggested Do’s and Don’ts.  Feel free to add with comments below.


  1. Try not to watch too much news, 95% is negative, violent, fear based stories.
  2. Stay away from negative people who complain a lot.  They will bring you down and influence your mind toward fear based thinking.
  3. Try not to listen to angry music or music that has profanity, contrary to popular belief, there is no catharsis, no positive effect of venting.  It actually makes you more angry and violent.  Same with TV and movies.


  1. Meditate, Chant, Do Yoga, Get Outdoors or Do something for someone else.  These all connect you to the source of abundance and appreciation, they should be practiced daily.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people who have as high and preferably higher standards than you.  This will push you to grow and growth equals happiness.
  3. Listen to positive music, Read inspirational stories and books of triumph over adversity, they will inspire you to take action towards your own dreams.

Since our mind is the only thing we really have control over why not give it the best chance it has against stress induced illness.  By consistently practicing these mental ninja tricks you can begin re-programming your mind and essentially create a fortress against illness.

What The other 10%
If you’re wondering about Food and other means by which we get sick stay tuned for our next entry where I’ll cover the remaining influences of your complete health.   

A Votre Sante!   To your health

Chad Scott