Why Do People Flake?

Are You A Flake?

One of my greatest struggles is to hold space and be compassionate towards those that flake. The main reason is, I Never Flake, I always get back to people even if I need to give them Honest Brutal Answers they don’t want to hear. So when people don’t hold the same standard I do, I feel like slapping them with an ice cold sponge and saying “Wake Up!” Haven’t you heard about the law of cause and effect? Just because you’ve decided not to respond or show up to someones clear request from you doesn’t necessarily mean you’re off the hook.

I believe that “NO Answer” and “Flaking” is a Decision just like “Answering” and “Showing up” are Decisions. They both have karmic effects. Of course proof is in the pudding. Just take a look at anyone you know who consistently flakes or doesn’t do what they say they were going to do. Chances are they are not taken seriously by others, they are not and will never be highly respected, nor are they super confident people. Not arrogant, confident.. the kind of confidence that says I’m connected to my source and free to express myself whether people like it or not. The kind of confidence that doesn’t fear reprisal or judgement or trying to please everyone.

In the end being integrous (having high integrity) is tough. It means you have to be self-honest and call yourself out for not showing up for someone or for not communicating for whatever reason. Self reflection and self honesty though, are the keys to ultimate freedom and happiness. Once we can be honest, honor people and show up for them even if it means sharing the brutal truth, we set ourselves free from the slavery of living in a box of limitations. At this point the world becomes our oyster and abundance flows from places we never thought it would.

Next time you feel flaked on or let down, take heart, that person is still a slave to the box of limitations and hopefully if you’ve been self-reflecting and self-honest you are NOT! You are free!