World Premier of “Smile for Me” Video & “The Voice” Audition

As some of you may know the World Premier of “Smile for Me” was supposed to be released today, but I’m bogged down in this audition for NBC’s “The Voice,” so I’m postponing until next Tuesday August 21st.    Stay posted as we got a lot of Feel Good music and videos coming down the pipe.

Smile for Me Video by Chad Scott

On a side note I’m super excited to release the video because it has the potential to really touch a lot of lives world wide.  We filmed upwards of 1,500 smiles and picked the best for this video.  Stay tuned!

Want “Smile for Me” for Free?  Just put your name and email in the green box in the upper left corner of your screen..  and poof it will be in your in box.. after you confirm of course.  Take care,  Chad