World Premier of “Smile for Me” Video this Tuesday Aug 14th.. Don’t Miss It!

This Tuesday August 14th over three years of filming smiles up and down the California coast will culminate in the World Premier of  “Smile for Me” video and the “10 Million Smiles Across the World Campaign”.   I can’t event begin to tell you how much blood sweat and tears were put into the making of this video.  We traveled to San Francisco, we shot in Venice LA at least 15 times and in San Diego another 20 times, with editing approaching 1,500 hours all to MAKE YOU SMILE!

World Premier of "Smile for Me" video

Our goal is to get 10 million people across the world to smile from watching the video and inspire more people to smile just for the hell of it.  Cause guess what… People who smile more are happier and Live Longer!

I want to thank my brother Ryan for shooting all the pro shots in LA and helping me with the editing and all my friends who donated their smiles and time to help out especially Lori Mattingly who filmed a lot of the smiles in SF.

And of course all the other 1,000 plus people who donated their smiles, even if they didn’t make the final cut.  We have posted about half of all smiles and will post all 1,000 in the coming weeks so please sign up to the email list to stay updated and experience the exuberance and life force of 1,000 smiles.. its actually freaking amazing what it does to lift your spirits.  You can check for your smile at this link:

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