Yoga Haters… Why Would Anyone Hate or Deny The Power of Yoga?

All disciplines of health that have unquestionable benefits have one thing in common… “They were criticized and feared.”  But typically this criticism begins to melt away as truth in the discipline is proven effective scientifically.   Although  yoga is:

  • Over 6,000 years old
  • The oldest form of exercise known to man
  • Scientifically proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure, heart rate and stress
  • Scientifically proven to  strengthen and lengthen the majority of all muscles in your body
  • Detoxify the kidney, liver and all primary organs

I heard someone the other day bashing yoga and writing it off as fluffy childs play.  Then the following week while at a Studio I teach (Sol Yoga Studios), a UPS guy came in and delivered a package.  He asked how are you guys doing today, to which I replied: “Feeling amazing… just taught a class, moved my body and helped 30 people feel really good about themselves… we gotta get you in here one day.”  His reply was: “Yeah Right!”  as he mockingly chuckled and walked away.

I thought to myself, why would this guy or any one else continue to deny or criticize yoga?   One word folks:  FEAR!  At this point in history yoga is a multibillion dollar industry and has taken America by storm.  Its the fastest growing fitness segment in the world and the fastest growing segment within yoga is the younger population.   If you’re not even open to doing yoga, chances are you’re either scared that everyone else is right and your wrong or your scared that if you did it you would like it just like everyone else… then you would have to face your giant ego which hates being wrong.   Which brings us to our second point of why anyone would hate or criticize yoga.

Spiritual Disconnection
The reason why yoga has spread like wild fire across the world is because it offers something other forms of exercise don’t, namely spiritual and mental development.  Yes yoga’s effectiveness is due to its three components it addresses:  Mental, Physical and Spiritual.  When you leave class, you are not only strengthened, lengthened and detoxified, but you are also (if your teacher is guiding you properly) connected spiritually and mentally to a space that is abundant, without need of a lesser ego that constantly compares itself to everyone else and is never satisfied.  When you leave class chances are you don’t go out in to the world and put other people down because you are connected to your greater self.  Your more likely to open a door for someone or pay a compliment to a random stranger.

This “Spiritual” thing frightens some people to death.
Yes unfortunately there are many who are scared to death of anything spiritual and for good reason.  Once you explore the spiritual realm you must take a look at the causes you are making and “OWN THEM”.   If you’ve been making horrible causes for 10,20,30,40 years by putting other people down, that’s a big stack of crap you have to shovel and could take 5,10,15 or 20 years to clean it up.  But what’s the alternative?  Live in a big pile of crap for the rest of your life, never really feeling really good about yourself independent of how much “stuff” you have or being able to embrace all others as brothers and sisters?

One step at a time
All it takes is one step and this first step is easy… just take a yoga class.  Even if you don’t like it you can say, I’m not afraid!  This in itself will be spiritual connection and the beginning of a new and brighter path.  Multiply this across the planet and we start to avoid wars and conflict.  The possibilities for peace both within and without are endless.

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Lots of love, Chad