Yoga with Bryan Kest Founder of Power Yoga

Yoga is pretty cool and it’s changed millions of people’s lives including myself. Yoga with your entire family once a year during the holidays, now that’s even cooler. Now yoga with your entire family and Bryan Kest (founder of power yoga) Now that’s an experience you need to experience. No other yoga class can you be entertained for two entire hours without any music and remain totally engaged due to Bryan’s unique form of comedic philosophy, F bombs and sexual yoga analogies while sweating your ass off with your entire family.

Favorite Kest Quote: “You won’t find this pose on Instagram.”

And… its the only successful donation based class in one of the biggest cities in the world, which has given birth to arguably more new yoga practitioners than any place in the country.

I wanted to take this moment to reflect on the profound impact Bryan has had on my life up to this day starting 20 years ago when I first started taking yoga classes. Along with my Buddhist practice Bryan’s classes completely shifted my life by helping me self reflect and awaken to the location of real happiness which is nowhere else but inside our own lives.

So if you didn’t get a bunch of stuff for Christmas or a bunch of presents for your birthday or you weren’t able to buy those shoes you really liked, maybe that’s a good thing. Because hopefully you’ll go to a yoga class with Bryan or someone like him or you’ll do some meditation and you look within and find that no matter how much crap you buy it’ll never fill the void of emptiness due to a disconnection from your own infinite source of wisdom joy love courage compassion intelligence and beauty.

In essence practicing yoga hopefully with a good teacher who can guide you to this inner source as well as various forms of meditation and prayer enable us to truly love ourselves. And once we truly love ourselves only then can we truly love others.

Wishing you peace, joy and lots of self-love… Oh yeah and if you haven’t taken Bryan Kest’s class you have to one day just head over to