Your Don’t Do List … More Important than Your To Do List?

I’ve read  “From Good To Great”  12 times and recently picked up  “The Charge” by Brandon Buchard, which reminded me  about how we we waste so

The Fox Never Catches the Hedge Hog

much time chasing stuff we aren’t passionate about, its no wonder we don’t get the results we want.   A few notable mentions are Email,  Social Media, the wrong profession and of course TV.  I don’t have a TV so I’ll move on to the others.

I spent way too much time on email and realized it was killing my productivity.  I heard from Jae Sabol from “One Community” who was a mentor during my Master Results Training at the  Christopher Howard Leadership academy, who said don’t check your email except for once in the morning and once in the evening.   To add, I learned from Jairek Robbins, (son of Anthony Robbins) about the Facebook effect, which basically steals your time by sucking you in.  He suggested limiting your time on social media.

In essence its a Don’t Do List, which is perhaps more important than your to do list and here is why.  If you spend too much time on your “don’t do’s”  then you’ll never get to the “to do’s.”    Since we only have so much time on this planet, squandering time should definitely be on the “don’t do” list.  So from now on I’m cutting down on waste and setting new goals for my day.   Email twice a day, social media for fun only 1 hour per week.


Now here is where this gets really interesting.  Your don’t do list is not just email and television, but your job.. if its not your calling.  In Good To Great” by Jim Collins, they defined a key factor that distinguished good from great called the Hedge Hog Concept.  Basically a Hedge Hog knows 1 thing .. is passionate about it, can be the best at it and can make good money from it, while a Fox is cunning and constantly chasing new ideas and businesses never mastering one thing.

I personally chased a lot of ideas and businesses for the wrong reasons, money, money and money.  But the problem is it put me off course from music, which is what I’m most passionate about.  So every time I get a new business or opportunity I think about the Hedge Hog and refocus on my music.


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