You’re Either Growing or You’re Dying… There is No Middle Ground

I read a great little piece of wisdom from Daisaku Ikeda, the leader of the largest non-government peace organization in the world who said:

Keep It Spinning

“Everything is in motion.  Life is constantly moving.  The universe  too, is in motion.  To live is to move.  Advancement equals life.  Stagnation equals death.  A top is stable because ist spins.  Once it stops spinning, it cannot remain upright.”

This reminded me of Tony Robbins who also said: “you’re either growing or your dying… when you’re ripe you rot, when you’re green you grow.”  I thought about the many interpretations of these quotes and how they could apply to my own life and realized how true they were and how their impact determines Happiness Vs. Unhappiness.

If you’ve seen or been around someone who puts people down all the time or complains a lot, chances are they are NOT Growing.. at least not growing spiritually, artistically or mentally.  One thing I can say for certain, is right now I’m growing like a weed and it feels amazing!  This is even more amazing considering I’m handicapped for at least a couple more months and can’t play guitar or do yoga, two of my greatest passions in the world.  Actually having these things taken away has opened up new insights into life and the nature of happiness.  I could have easily opted for stagnation and depression, but instead I’ve opted to dig a little deeper to my own fundamental darkness, where the ego still needs to be rooted out and tempered, where anger and jealousy still quietly knock at the door trying to creep in to my consciousness.  By shining a light on the darkness, I’ve managed to peel off another layer of lesser ego and tap into my source of infinite intelligence, courage, compassion and power.

So, how would you rate you own personal development?

Please feel free to comment and share new insights!  Lots of love, Chad